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Microsoft starts forcing users to drop Windows Media Player

Microsoft is, little by little, getting rid of certain programs and apps that have been on the operative system for more than a decade. This step is more and more logical, since many of them need to be modernized and adapted to the times. Now, the time has arrived for Windows Media Player.

Windows Media Player is the next candidate for disappearing from Windows 10

A couple years ago Microsoft deleted the Movie Maker and last year launched Story Remix, the video editing function was implemented on the photo app. The company tried to kill the traditional Paint and substitute it with Paint 3D, which is more complex, and even though it said it would delete it, it is, for now, still on the last builds of Redstone 4. The Control Panel will be disappearing too and Windows Media Player is on its last days.

With Windows 10, Microsoft launched Movies & TV. Although the name is terrible, this default player is one of the best and most efficient ones we can find, it even plays 4K with codec HEVC via software if we don’t have a compatible processor. Although VLC 3.0 also does it quite well, Microsoft’s option offers better performance.

Because of all these advantages and most of all, for being a UWP app, Microsoft is starting to show a pop-up to those using Windows Media Player. When you open it, a message appears and lets us choose between three options: choose Movies & TV as the default app, open the specific video with that app or just saying Not now.

Among the advantages in Microsoft, we have the MKV playing of video on 4K UHD, a bigger battery duration since it is optimized to decode the maximum possible via hardware, watching videos on a small window and even loading videos on 360º.

Any other option is better than Windows Media Player

The player is a bit limited in some functions, for example, we cannot edit style or color of the subtitles (that sometimes are completely white and reading them is hard when the background is also white), although it allows choosing between audio and subtitle language. On Windows 10 we find many alternatives, more complex than Movies & TV, such as VLC or any other media player compatible with K-Lite codecs (such as Zoom Player or MPC-HC). On Windows 10 S, sadly, this is the only alternative to watch movies and series.

It has been years sin Windows Media Player was last updated. This is because every effort has been focused on this new app that has a design adapted to Microsoft’s guidelines and a much modern look. It would not be surprising if Microsoft stops featuring WMP on its OS this year, as it does not make any sense to feature it if literally any other program would be better.

In recent Windows 10 versions, Movies & TV is the default player, but Windows Media Player is still featured. If you want to install or uninstall it, you have to go to Settings – Apps –Apps and features – Manage optional features – Add a feature. 

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