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Facebook wants you to use WhatsApp as a payment option for Marketplace

The merge between Facebook and WhatsApp is about to happen. We have already seen how the messaging app is starting to use the social network’s servers to keep the service stable (it has been a while since it had some issues, so let’s cross our fingers) and offer the possibility of using stickers on WhatsApp, for example.

A few days ago, we saw one of WhatsApp’s expected novelties showing up in India where you can now use the app to send and receive money through WhatsApp Pay. However, now Facebook wants to add a new way to use the app to make our payments.

This has to do with Marketplace, Facebook’s buy and sale method that was born months ago as the company’s response to apps used to buy and sell second-hand products, such as Vibbo or the well-known Wallapop. Thanks to Twitter, we found out that Facebook wants you to be able to use WhatsApp on Marketplace.

Using WhatsApp to buy on Facebook

According to Matt Navarra via the microblogging social network, Facebook is testing adding WhatsApp as a payment option for Marketplace. To prove it, he attached a screenshot of the social network’s store where the user is given the option of adding a phone number so that buyers can contact the seller through the messaging app.

Apparently, the feature gives the seller the opportunity of opening a communication channel through WhatsApp to close deals and let buyers contact him directly on his WhatsApp account. Of course, this takes us directly to WhatsApp Business, the app’s corporate version aimed at keeping companies in touch with users in a much more direct way.

This is the latest example of the relationship between the messaging app and the social network, which has been evolving since Facebook bought WhatsApp for several millions of dollars years ago. As of now, neither Facebook nor WhatsApp’s representatives have released a statement about Marketplace’s new feature that allows users to close deals through WhatsApp.

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