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What operator starts 2018 with the most coverage and the fastest 4G network

As it is now usual, OpenSignal publishes a report every six months detailing the state of the coverage and the speed of mobile networks around the world, especially in Spain. So, in January 2018, we saw which Spanish operators have the best coverage and 4G speed for the year that just started.

Although some operators, like Movistar, are already thinking about a 5G network, the reality is that users keep using 3G and 4G networks on a daily basis. With 2018 just starting, we get the biannual “test” that OpenSignal runs on operators, showing us which ones have the best mobile network coverage and speed. It is true that the company currently reviews Movistar, Vodafone, Orange and Yoigo only, but it is also true that these four operators have their own network in Spain.

It is worth mentioning that OpenSignal runs its tests though the iOS and Android app that users themselves install, recording the results from September 1 to November 30, 2017. In total, more than 87,000 devices were used and about 865 million datapoints were collected to write a report that could be considered quite accurate given the results.

Which operator has the fastest 4G mobile network in 2018?

Vodafone, which takes the lead in every category on the report, is the one that got the best results in terms of its 4G network’s speed. The operator’s LTE network came on top with 35.3 Mbps. The average speed of Vodafone’s mobile network is 26.24 Mbps if we take the 3G network into account as well, with which the company also tops the list with 6.38 Mbps.

Movistar comes in second place with its 4G network rocking an average speed of 33.68 Mbps. Said speed goes down to 5.99 Mbps for the 3G network, which translates into an average speed of 23.76 Mbps for the operator’s mobile network.

Yoigo comes in third place. Although its 4G network is the least remarkable given its 25.61 Mbps, the operator ranks second with its 3G network at 6.05 Mbps for an average speed of 20.66 Mbps for the entire mobile network.

Lastly, we see Orange. It tops Yoigo in terms of the 4G speed with 27.98 Mbps, but the 3G speed drops to 5.37 Mbps. Its average speed stands at 20.06 Mbps.

Which operator has the greatest 4G availability in 2018?

Again, according to OpenSignal’s report, Vodafone has the greatest availability in Spain, at least in January 2018. The truth is that competition is stiff because Vodafone’s 4G availability in Spain stands at 86.48%, followed by Yoigo at 85.71%. Then we have Orange at 84.34% and Movistar at 81.03%.

It is also true that the ranking is odd, especially because of Movistar’s placement. OpenSignal does not measure the cell coverage but the times users were able to connect to any of the operators’ 4G networks.

Which operator has the lowest latency on its 4G network in 2018?

This information is often overlooked, but it is very important. OpenSignal’s report shows us which operators have the lowest latency on their 3G and 4G networks. For those unfamiliar with the term, this is the famous “lag”, a delay in the network’s response to our requests that is measured in milliseconds. The lower the number, the better the result and the faster the response.

Again, Vodafone tops the list with a 67.09 ms latency on its 3G network, followed closely by Movistar with 64.75 ms, almost in a technical tie. Orange ranks third with 75.83 ms and Yoigo comes last with 88.28 ms.

As for 4G, the ranking stays the same, but Vodafone stands out even more with 36.18 ms in comparison to the runner-up Movistar and its 46.01 ms. Orange and Yoigo come last with 51.71 ms and 52.27 ms, respectively.

As always, we invite you to take a look at the phone rates comparisons made by our colleagues at ADSLZone and write your opinion on the operators’ forums about this ranking. You can also leave your opinion in the comments section. Do you think this truly portrays the situation in Spain?

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